General FAQ’s: TB HIV Care Employees

More Information on sending an emergency alert to the Namola Response Centre through the Namola Panic Tracker.

The Namola Panic Tracker allows TB HIV Care employees to send an alert to Namola's 24/7 emergency response centre when in a threatening situation or a situation that requires emergency assistance. Once activated your name and GPS location will be shared with a dedicated Namola Response Centre operator who will co-ordinate emergency assistance on your behalf.

How does the Namola Panic Tracker work: 

  • It has its own SIM card, with data pre-loaded monthly for you
  • It has its own built-in GPS
  • It auto-answers when the Namola Operator calls

When you press the Panic Tracker, a Namola Response Centre operator will attempt to call you back on the device itself to find out details of the incident.

If we can't get hold of you, the operator will call your mobile phone to see if they are able to reach you to get further information. As soon as the operator has enough information to deem your Panic Alert an emergency, they will dispatch help to the GPS location of the Panic Tracker. 

Tips on getting the most out of your Panic Tracker: 

  • Charge the Panic Tracker once a day. You can read more on charging your Panic Tracker here
  • Always carry the Panic Tracker in a place that cannot activate it accidentally. We advise that you do not put it in your pocket, or handbag as it can activate easily. Carry it on a lanyard around your neck, or on your car keys. 
  • The Panic Tracker is not waterproof, please do not put it under your top, as sweat may cause erosion of the charging points.

Should you experience any problems with your Panic Tracker, please go through this troubleshooting article

When should you push the SOS button on the Panic Tracker?

In the case of an emergency. 

Namola will send you Armed Response if there is a threat to your life or your property (or if we are unable to reach you). Namola can also send you any public responders in an emergency, such as Police, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue and Traffic Police. 


You are also more than welcome to test your Panic Tracker, we do however ask that you answer the Panic Tracker after you have pushed the SOS button and tell the operator that you are just testing and do not have an emergency. 


Please note: Whilst we have control over our Armed Response times, we do not have control over the response times of Public Responders. We will, however, follow up with them on a regular basis to ensure that they respond as quickly as possible.

When should you not push the SOS button on the Panic Tracker?

We encourage you to use the Panic Tracker any time you are feeling at risk, or in a threatening situation. 

The Namola Response Centre will, however, not be able to answer any TB HIV Care related questions, nor will they be able to connect you to TB HIV Care head office. We ask that you use the relevant channels to contact TB HIV Care and use the Panic Tracker as a means to get assistance in an emergency. 



Should you need any assistance, please contact support at


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