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Troubleshooting the Namola Panic Tracker

If your Panic Tracker is not sending an alert, sending a delayed alert, switching itself off or showing an incorrect location it can be easily solved by troubleshooting the Panic Tracker with these steps.


If your Panic Tracker is not working as shown in the video above, click on the statement below that best describes your Panic Tracker issue, to start troubleshooting: 

  • My Namola Panic Tracker is switching itself off
    • Determine whether the Panic Tracker is:
      • Offline (Blue light on the side is still flashing). If so click here
      • Is the device actually switching off? (no lights on the device). If so click here 

Troubleshooting steps: 

Step 1: Is the Panic Tracker on, and online?



What is your blue light doing? 

It is showing me a single flash Good, it is connected to the GPS.  Click here
It is blinking constantly Your battery seems to be low Click here
Is it showing a long blue flash?  Your device is searching for GPS Try switching the device off (hold down the SOS button and the call button on the side of the device, simultaneously). Switch it on outside and test again. If it is still showing a long blue flash after you switch it back on please contact us via this form 

What is your green light doing?

It is showing a double flash Are you pressing the SOS button hard enough to hear the beep and feel the vibration of the Tracker?  Yes and it is still not sending an alert
It is showing a long flash Your device is searching for mobile signal

Please could we ask you to test your device in a different location to see if it sends an alert. If it does not send an alert in a different location. If the green light changes to a double flash please try testing the device again. If it does not please contact us via this form

It is showing a solid green light There is an error with your sim card  Contact us via this form

Step 2: Is it a charging issue?



Your Panic Tracker should be charged on a daily basis. You can monitor battery level via the Namola App. You will receive a push notification from Namola when the battery is low or when the battery has run out, but it’s best to charge your Panic Tracker on a daily basis.


Tip: Keep your charger somewhere convenient so you remember to charge your device daily 

Has the Panic Tracker been charged recently? You can check your Panic Tracker's battery on your Namola App > Devices 

My battery is low. 

  • Please charge your device

My battery is low but I just charged the device


Does the Panic Tracker vibrate when you place it in the charging dock and can you see the red light on the docking station?
  • Yes. Leave your Panic Tracker on charge overnight. If your battery is still low in the morning, fill in this form
  • No. Next step
The docking station may be faulty. Try plugging the micro USB directly into the Panic Tracker (the USB socket is on the side of the device). You will know if the Tracker is charging if the blue light remains stagnant.
  • Yes, this is working. Fill in this form to get a new charging dock
  • No this is still not working. Next step
Plug your USB cable into another plug adapter and try charging the Panic Tracker again. 
  • Yes, this is working. Fill in this form to get a new plug adapter
  • No this is not working either. Next step


If your battery is lower than 30% the Tracker will switch to a low power mode to conserve the remaining battery. The GPS will remain active and log locations in its memory, so you may receive a delayed alert via the Namola App when the Panic

Tracker is next charged.

Step 3: Is it a network connection error:

If the green light is not flashing it could indicate that there is a problem with a connection to the Vodacom network. 

Is there a known issue with Vodacom in the area that you are testing? 


Step 4: Is it a faulty Panic Tracker: 


Is your device switching off by itself (i.e. there are no lights on the side of the device)
  • Yes. Does it switch back on when you are charging it (i.e. the lights on the side go back on)? Please contact Customer support via this form

Is your Panic Tracker damaged?

  • Are there any cracks in the Tracker?
  • Has the Tracker come into contact with water?
  • is the back of the device corroded?
  • Yes. Please contact Customer support via this form and we will contact you with next steps.
I have tried everything above and the Tracker is still not sending an alert
  • Please contact us via this form and we will get back to you ASAP


Still not working? Email our support desk or send us a WhatsApp to 063 708 4989