Charging and battery settings for your Namola Panic Tracker

All you need to know about charging your Panic Tracker, what the optimal battery length should be and what to look out for if the battery is low. Plus, tips on how to keep your Namola Panic Tracker charged.



What would happen to your smartphone’s battery if you switched your Google Maps App on permanently and drove around town all day. It would probably not see the end of the day. Your Panic Tracker is essentially a teenie-tiny smartphone, constantly looking out for locations from satellites in the sky to ensure that we know where you are in the event of an emergency (and so that your emergency contacts can track you if you want). If you don’t charge it on a regular basis, you may be offline when you need it the most. 

Charging your Panic Tracker:

When placing the Namola Panic Tracker in the charging cradle, you will know if it is charging correctly if: 

  • The Panic Tracker vibrates
  • The blue light will become static (remain on) and
  • A red light will shine on the docking station.

You can also charge the Panic Tracker using the USB cable provided. The port on the Panic Tracker is below the call button on the side of the Panic Tracker (where the lights flash). 


Your Panic Tracker will be fully charged when the red light on the docking station goes off. You can also check your Panic Tracker battery status using the following steps:

  • Go into the Namola App 
  • Tap on the device tab
  • On your listed Panic Tracker there will be a battery icon, showing you the battery percentage.

Tips on keeping your Panic Tracker charged:

  • Set up a charging station next to your smartphone charger, so when you pop your phone on charge you remember to pop your Panic Tracker into the charging dock too
  • Set up a charging station where you leave your keys. If you carry your Panic Tracker on your keys, just pop it into your charging dock instead of throwing those keys in the key bowl.
  • Set up a charging station at your desk. When you get to work, pop it on charge.
  • Buy extra charging cradles to ensure that you have charging stations in the most convenient of places.


Panic Tracker battery length:

Your Panic Tracker battery should last at least a full day if you are charging it correctly. If your Panic Tracker is lasting less than a day, watch the above video to see that you are charging it correctly. 


If your Panic Tracker has been charged as suggested, the Panic Tracker will function accurately for a day or longer. However, bear in mind that consistently travelling with the Panic Tracker, will drain the battery faster than if the Panic Tracker were kept at home, as it is continually connecting to different satellites to attain your GPS location.


Knowing when your Panic Tracker is low on battery:

  • Low battery is indicated by a constant rapid pulse of the blue light on the side of the Panic Tracker. If you see this you will need to charge your Panic Tracker urgently.
  • The Namola App will also send you a notification when your Panic Tracker battery is low or if your Panic Tracker goes offline.
  • The Namola App will also send you a notification when your Panic Tracker is fully charged and ready to use. 
  • You can check the status of your Panic Tracker's battery by tapping on your Profile tab > Manage Devices

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