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Testing your Namola Panic Tracker

Testing your Namola Panic Tracker will put your mind at ease that, in the event of a real emergency, you will know how to use it. Here are a couple of tips to make sure that you are testing and using the Panic Tracker correctly



Testing your Panic Tracker

  • Hold down the “SOS” button: You hear it beep (or feel it vibrate if it is on mute).
  • Wait for a Namola operator to call you back: This will happen in under a minute. You will know Namola is calling when you hear your panic button ring (or vibrate if on mute mode). 
  • Say hello to the Namola Operator: Your Panic Tracker will auto answer, so let it ring twice and then say hello to your operator on the other line.

If you are testing for the first time, test outside

This gives the Panic Tracker the chance to initially link with the satellites giving Namola your GPS coordinates. After your first test outside, you can literally test it anywhere, anytime and (provided you have charged it) it will work. 


Answer your Panic Tracker

Your Panic Tracker will auto-answer when the Namola Operator calls. It is important (especially if your Panic Tracker is on mute) to tell to your operator that you are just testing your Panic Tracker. 



Check that your Panic Tracker is charged


Your Panic Tracker should be charged on a daily basis. You can monitor the battery level of your Panic Tracker via the Namola App (under the Devices tab). You will receive a push notification from Namola when the battery is low or when the battery has run out, but it’s best to charge your Panic Tracker on a daily basis.


Tip: Keep your charger somewhere convenient so you remember to charge your Panic Tracker daily 


Carry your Panic Tracker with you

Your Panic Tracker is for your personal safety. You never know when an emergency will strike and access to your Panic Tracker is key in keeping you safe. It is also a good idea for your Panic Tracker to from place to place with you, to update your real-time location. In the event of an emergency, we will be able to send you the fastest possible help from Armed response or private medical response. 




How often should I test my Panic Tracker? 

The more often the better in our minds, but we do suggest that you test the Panic Tracker at least once a month, to give you the peace-of-mind that should you need it, it will work. 


If your Panic Tracker is not working, try troubleshooting it or contact customer support by sending an email