The best way to carry your Namola Panic Tracker

Carrying your device on you could literally save your life. In an emergency, there is no time to scramble in your bag or pull it out your pocket. Make sure that it is somewhere that is easily accessible. Here are our best tips to carry yours:


Use the accessories that help you access your device in an emergency 

Your device will come with a lanyard and a key ring.

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WARNING: We advise against exercising with the Panic Tracker on the lanyard under your top. The reason for this is that sweat can cause the charging pins to corrode, and create water damage in the device. Please see below for alternative accessories to use when exercising. 


We advise you not to: 

Carry your Panic Tracker in your handbag or backpack

This will make it hard to reach in an emergency and it may go off on its own. Rather attach it to the outside of the handbag or backpack with a keyring, so it’s easily reachable.


Carry the Namola Panic Tracker in your pocket

It may be hard to reach in an emergency and may go off on its own.


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