Location settings for your Namola app

All you need to know about your location settings for the Namola app including finding your lost or stolen phone, data and battery usage and the accuracy of location settings

Keep your location settings on permanently for Namola

Namola will not work if your location settings are not on, which means if you have an emergency you will need to go into your settings and switch on your location settings before you can request assistance through Namola. This will take you time. Time that you may not have in an emergency, which is why we encourage you to keep your location settings on permanently.


Finding your lost or stolen phone from your contacts

The only time that a Namola Response Centre operator will be able to see your location is when you request assistance through the app or with your Namola Panic Tracker. This means that if your mobile phone or Namola Panic Tracker is lost or stolen, the only people who will be able to locate it, provided that there is a data network, will be those trusted loved ones that you have shared your location with. 

Your location will be shared with your trusted loved ones as long as there is a data network for it to send your real-time location. The people that you choose to share your location with are the only ones who will be able to see your live location. 


Data usage and battery for location settings

Sharing your live location with your trusted loved ones or requesting assistance through the app will use a small amount of data and battery power. We honestly believe that the benefit of your safety far outweighs the small cost of data and battery power that you will use. If your phone does not have any data, your loved ones will not receive an accurate live location and you will not be able to request assistance through the Namola app.  However, if you do not have data, you will be directed to one of the free National emergency numbers such as 10111 or 112.


The accuracy of the location settings. 

The accuracy of your location is dependant on a couple of factors: 

  • Do you have mobile data or an internet connection
  • Do you have your location settings enabled for your Namola App? This should be "Always" if you would like the Track Feature to work.
  • Have you granted Namola App access to the relevant app permissions?
    • Apple/ iOS devices: Go to profile>go to “App permissions”> if everything is correct it will say “Congratulations - All permissions are correct” otherwise please grant Namola the relevant permissions
    • Android: Settings>Apps>>Scroll down and select the Namola App>Permissions>Toggle the relevant settings to the right
  • If you have an Android device: Have you checked your Battery Optimisation settings? Some smartphones identify the Namola App as a power-intensive application and to save battery life (particularly when the battery is low), location settings may be disabled. With this you have two options: 
    • Switch off battery optimisation completely 
    • Allow Namola to bypass battery optimisation settings

Still not working? Email our support desk or send us a WhatsApp to 063 708 4989