All about the Namola Panic Tracker

Everything you need to know about the Namola Panic Tracker



Namola offers an optional standalone physical Panic Tracker with built-in GPS and SIM for the ultimate peace-of-mind — no phone needed.

The Namola Panic Tracker comes in the form of a physical button you can keep in your pocket, wear around your neck, or put on your keychain and has all of the benefits of Namola Plus. When you press the panic button, we’ll attempt to call you back on the device itself to find out details of the incident. If we can't get hold of you, we will send Armed Response to check on you.

The Namola Panic Tracker is awesome because: 

  • It has its own SIM card, with data pre-loaded monthly for you
  • It has its own built-in GPS
  • It auto-answers when the Namola Operator calls
  • You can now play an active part in your safety 
  • You can get help fast anywhere in South Africa without the use of your smartphone

The Namola Panic Tracker is certified by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), the Public Body in charge of regulating the Communications Sector in the public interest. Our ICASA Registration Number is TA-2019/2396, and this means our Panic Tracker has been comprehensively tested and has been certified as safe and reliable for use by you.

The best way to wear your Namola Panic Tracker:

We don't want your device going off in your handbag without you realising, it getting wet or you not being able to reach it when you have an emergency, so these are a few suggestions on how best to wear your Namola Panic Tracker: 

  • Clip it onto your car keys. The Namola Panic Tracker comes with a key ring attachment.
  • Wear it around your neck. The Namola Panic Tracker comes with a lanyard.
  • Wear it on an armband. You can purchase one of our bespoke armbands in the Namola App (or by clicking on this link from your phone)
  • Wear it on a belt clip. You can purchase one of our bespoke belt clips in the Namola App (or by clicking on this link from your phone)



The Panic Tracker is splash proof, but it is not waterproof. We especially caution athletes against wearing the Panic Tracker inside their shirts where it could be exposed to sweat (and subsequently corrosion) as this has been known to damage the Panic Tracker. Accessories to carry the Panic Tracker whilst exercising are available on the in-app shop or our online shop

How much does the Namola Panic Tracker cost?

The Panic Tracker can be purchased for R1399, once-off, with a monthly subscription of R79/month. The monthly subscription includes the cost of access to Armed Response and Private Medical Assistance as well as the SIM and data for the Panic Tracker. 

Family Discount 

If you order 2 or 3 Panic Trackers, we'll apply a 5% discount at checkout. If you order 4 or more Panic Trackers, we'll apply a 10% discount at checkout. These discounts apply to both the up-front cost of devices/accessories, as well as the monthly subscription fees. 

This discount stacks with promo codes. So, for example, if you order 4 Panic Trackers in one go AND use a promo code that gives a 10% discount, the user will get the following discounts:

  • 10% (family) + 10% (promo) = 20% discount on the UP-FRONT cost.
  • 10% (family) discount on the monthly subscription. (Remember that our promo codes only give up-front discounts).

Where can I buy the Namola Panic Tracker? 

You can purchase a Panic Tracker in the Namola App with these easy steps:
1. Open the Namola App
2. Tap on your Profile tab (last tab on the far right)
3. Tap "Shop"
4. Add a Panic Tracker to your check-out cart
5. Tap on the cart in the top right-hand corner and follow the prompts to check-out.

Please note that the Namola Panic Tracker is for use by one user only (the person to whose Namola profile the Namola Panic Tracker is linked), and is not intended for use by multiple users. Where the Namola Panic Tracker is used by a person who is not the User to whose profile the device is linked (and the user requesting assistance is not a Namola Plus user), assistance may still be requested, but private response services will generally not be available (Note: ER24 will still dispatch EMS responders for a user's immediate family members). Please make use of our great Family Discounts to ensure that your entire family is protected in way that is as affordable as possible.


Namola Panic Tracker and real-time tracking

The Namola Panic Tracker's main purpose is to be able to get access to help when you do not have access to your mobile phone. The Panic Tracker does not have the capability to track in real-time, and there can be up to a 5 minute delay on a Tracker's location. We therefore advise you not to use the Panic Tracker if you are wanting to get an accurate real-time location on your loved one. 


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