Panic Tracker FAQ's

Everything you need to know about the Namola Panic Tracker




Unfortunately, our Panic Trackers are all sold out. For the moment we have decided we're focusing on the best in-app Plus experience, and exploring some next-generation devices for the future, and will therefore not be ordering any more devices.

Is the Panic Tracker waterproof? 

The Panic Tracker is splash proof, but it is not waterproof. We especially caution athletes against wearing the Panic Tracker inside their shirts where it could be exposed to sweat (and subsequently corrosion) as this has been known to damage the Panic Tracker. 

How much does the Namola Panic Tracker cost?

Unfortunately our Namola Panic Trackers are currently sold out.

Namola Panic Tracker and real-time tracking

The Namola Panic Tracker's main purpose is to be able to get access to help when you do not have access to your mobile phone. The Panic Tracker does not have the capability to track in real-time, and there can be up to a 5 minute delay on a Tracker's location. We therefore advise you not to use the Panic Tracker if you are wanting to get an accurate real-time location on your loved one. 


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