The difference between Namola and Namola Plus

A brief overview of Namola and the differences between Namola and Namola Plus.


  Standard Namola app Namola Plus (app only) Namola Panic Tracker
Cost  Free R49  R1399 purchase price and R 79 monthly membership
Receive a call within seconds from Namola's 24/7 Response Centre     ✔️     ✔️     ✔️
Get assistance from Public Responders in South Africa     ✔️     ✔️     ✔️
Get assistance from over 5000 community responders in South Africa     ✔️     ✔️     ✔️
User needs to answer the phone to receive assistance     ✔️    
Namola will send assistance if the user is unable to answer your phone       ✔️     ✔️
Access to Armed Response       ✔️     ✔️
Access to Private Medical Response (without needing Medical Aid)       ✔️     ✔️
Freestanding (no phone required)    


Need data to request assistance   ✔️   ✔️

Monthly costs include data and sim costs

Access to Smart Alerts ✔️ ✔️

You can place Smart Alerts on a Namola Panic Tracker but only see them in app

Access to Safety News Feed ✔️ ✔️

Only available in the app 


Namola is available as a free app where users can request assistance from public emergency services, such as the South African Police Services (SAPS), Metro Police, Fire & Rescue, and Ambulance, as well as from community responders working through community safety initiatives. Namola now also offers Namola Plus, where our users still get the same Namola experience as always, but now with the added benefits of Armed Response and Private Emergency Medical Services (EMS) from just R49 per month. Read more here


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