All about NamolaPlus

NamolaPlus gives you 24/7 access to 2500+ private armed & private medical responders, and more... πŸš” πŸš‘

What is NamolaPlus?

We all know that you can access Armed Responders if you have it installed in your house, but what happens if something goes wrong and you need emergency assistance when you are out of your house? That's where NamolaPlus comes into play. 

NamolaPlus gives you access to private Armed Response and private Medical Response, anywhere you are. 


How do I upgrade to NamolaPlus?

Simply open Namola and tap on N+ to upgrade or find out more.

Existing NamolaPlus members can now see our coverage maps in the app by navigating to N+


How much does it cost to upgrade to NamolaPlus:

Name of plan  Number of members  Cost per month  Cost per annum
Individual 1  R 59  R 649
Couples 2  R 99  R 999
Family   Up to 5 members  R 129  R 1299 

Get up to 50% off when you add a NamolaPlus subscription to your DStv bill. Find out more here 

Note: You can only buy one plan with in-app purchases, so the maximum amount of people that you will be able to buy for is 5


Benefits of NamolaPlus

Whether you are dropping your kids at school, driving a long distance, popping to the shop or going on a night out, you can stay protected at the click of a button anytime, anywhere with NamolaPlus. 

  • Private response. NamolaPlus gives you access to 2500+ private armed & private medical responders, resulting in faster response times from vetted response organisations.
  • Faster dispatch and response. With smart technology, NamolaPlus sends a direct notification of your GPS coordinates to the 24/7 Namola Response Center, expediting your call for help and substantially increasing response times. 
  • No need to answer your phone.  Answering your phone in an emergency can be tricky, so if we can’t reach you we will send Armed Response to your GPS location.
  • Response, even when you aren't at home. With NamolaPlus you are not limited to getting help in your home. NamolaPlus gets you help, anywhere, anytime.


How does NamolaPlus work when I have an emergency? 

After you have requested assistance with the SOS button, an alert is sent to our Namola Response Centre. A dedicated Response Centre operator will call you back, within seconds, to confirm your emergency. They will send you the emergency assistance that you need, depending on the type of emergency that you have. At the same time as the Namola Response Centre receives an alert, Armed Response are dispatched and will be on their way to your GPS location. Armed Responders are only told to stand down if it is confirmed that they are not needed for the emergency.


Response times:

The response time may vary according to these factors:

  • The location of the incident
  • The time of day it is 
  • Categorisation of the incident

But be rest assured it is a FAST response!

We do not test response times as resources are reserved for real emergency situations.

Membership to NamolaPlus is instant.


NamolaPlus coverage

Existing NamolaPlus members can now see our coverage maps in the app by navigating to N+. Upgrade for your free month to see if there is coverage in your area


What if Armed Response is not available in my town?

Namola makes use of a wide network of responders. Armed Response is just one aspect of a much bigger network to get you help in an emergency. Just because Armed Response is not available in your area, does not mean that we cannot get you assistance in an emergency. 


Do I still need home security if I have NamolaPlus? 

NamolaPlus is to protect you anywhere, anytime. When Armed Responders are despatched from your request for assistance, they go to the GPS coordinates of where the alert came from (i.e. the GPS coordinates of your phone or your Namola Panic Tracker). They will not be able to go to your house if you are not there. If you, therefore, need something to look over your possessions whilst you are not at home, we suggest that you get both NamolaPlus, and an alarm system linked to Armed Response in your home. 


Private Medical Assistance

Users are not required to have medical aid in order to get a Private Ambulance if they are a NamolaPlus user and you will not be billed for the callout unless you refuse treatment by the paramedics. The cost of the Private Medical Response is included in your monthly subscription 


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