Terms and Conditions for DStv customers adding Namola to their DStv bill

1. Introduction

  1. 1.1  These terms and conditions set out the contractual basis upon which DStv Customers can add Namola to their DStv bill.

  2. 1.2  These Terms and Conditions are in addition to DStv Subscription Terms and Conditions and must also be read with:

  3. 1.3  Namola Terms and Conditions available here, or within the Namola app: https://support.namola.com/terms and

  4. 1.4  MultiChoice Group Privacy Notice available here: https://www.multichoice.com/privacy-cookie-notice.

  5. 1.5  MultiChoice complies with provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). Should you have any queries or complaints, you may contact us on help@dstv.com for CPA-related queries or DPO@MultiChoice.co.za for POPIA related queries.

2. Interpretation

Unless these Terms and Conditions otherwise provide, terms used in these Terms and Conditions will have the same meaning as the DStv Subscription Terms and Conditions accessible at www.dstv.com.

3. DStv Payment Facility

  1. 3.1  The DStv Payment facility will allow a Namola subscriber, who is also a DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access or EasyView subscriber, to add Namola to their DStv bill. In doing so, the subscriber permits MultiChoice to add the Namola subscription to their DStv bill.

  2. 3.2  Subscribers can have a maximum of 1 (one) Namola subscription on their DStv bill.

  3. 3.3  The Namola subscription is linked to your active DStv subscription. If you have more than one

    active DStv package, your Namola subscription will be linked to the highest active package.

  4. 3.4  Subscribers will get 30 days free on adding a Namola subscription to their DStv bill. This discount

    is only available on the first subscription. If the subscription is cancelled and then taken up again

    at a later date, billing charges will be immediate.

  5. 3.5  The Namola subscription is provided on a pre-paid basis.

  6. 3.6  The addition of Namola to your DStv bill can be done on any date. Your first payment will only be

    processed on the date of your DStv payment. You will be billed pro-rata for the period between the

    two once the free period has ended.

  7. 3.7  Non-payment of your DStv bill will result in disconnection of your Namola subscription.

  8. 3.8  Reconnection of DStv services within 3 months of disconnection, will automatically result in

    reconnection of your Namola subscription.

4. Requirements To Use The DStv Payment Facility

4.1 You may only use DStv Payment facility if you -

  1. 4.1.1  are a natural person who has subscribed to, and has an active subscription to any DStv

    package for your private use in South Africa;

  2. 4.1.2  have registered as a user of the DStv website (http://www.dstv.com) by creating a username

    and password, in accordance with the terms of use of the DStv website.

4.2 If paying by debit order, the subscriber permits MultiChoice to collect the funds for both DStv and

Namola on one debit order on the existing date that MultiChoice collects the debit order for subscription to the DStv Service (“Monthly Debit Order Collection Day”).

5. Contacting Namola

If you need assistance relating to the Namola service, including activation, cancellation or use of the Namola service, please contact Namola in any manner indicated on the Namola website/app.

6. Contacting DStv regarding payment of Namola

If you need assistance relating to the billing of the Namola service on your DStv bill, please contact MultiChoice in any manner indicated by MultiChoice on their websites from time to time.

7. Amending these Terms and Conditions

We may amend these Term and Conditions from time to time.
If we amend the Terms and Conditions, we will notify you in accordance with clause 44 of the DStv Subscription Terms and Conditions.

8. Termination / Change in Namola subscription

You may terminate or change your Namola subscription at any time through the Namola app.