Sensitive incidents

Namola has a new 'Sensitive incident' category. Here's what that means, how it works, and what takes place behind the scenes to keep these incidents discreet.


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Namola has a new incident category called sensitive incidents. A sensitive incident can be reported by tapping the SOS button within the Namola App and choosing the Sensitive button in the top left corner.



A Sensitive Incident can be created when you would like to report an incident to Namola but you would like to do so discreetly. Some of the key features of a Sensitive Incident (as opposed to a 'normal incident') are that:

  • Your Emergency Contacts will not be alerted when a sensitive incident is created.
  • We will not call you back immediately. This will allow you to be able to create this alert discreetly.
    • You can let us know any details within the chat itself (i.e. if we should call, or if not, any details about what is happening).
    • We can then act appropriately in the circumstance (e.g. dispatching help, or putting you in touch with the right help).


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The category was initially created with certain incidents in mind such as domestic violence, gender-based violence, rape and other crimes of a sexual nature, abuse etc. but you are free to determine what you deem to be sensitive or not. You get to decide what a sensitive incident is. 


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