Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts are an easy way to get peace-of-mind that your loved ones are safe. Automatically get notified when your loved ones leave or arrives at a location safely.


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Get started with Smart Alerts

Switching on a Smart Alert:

  1. Once you’ve added a contact, you can enable or disable Smart Alerts by toggling the “bell” in your contact list.
  2. A “crossed out bell” means the contact is muted and you won’t receive any location alerts for them.
  3. A filled-in bell means you’ll receive Smart Alerts when that contact arrives or leaves a location and you will receive a notification every time they leave or arrive a place. 

Adding Places

There are two reasons why you would "add Places" to your app:

  1. To personalise your Smart Alerts so you can pre-populate and save addresses/places of importance to you and your loved ones. Eg. Your child's school address if you want to know when he/she arrives at or leaves school.
  2. To limit the number of notifications you receive when your loved one leaves or arrives at a location. 

Personalise your Smart Alerts with Places

  • Open the Namola App
  • Tap on the Places icon 
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  • Tap "Add Place" or one of the other suggested places tabs.
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  • Tap the search bar to find the right location of the place you want to add. 

  • Add a name for the place you want to add e.g. Michael's School.
  • Tap "Save"
  • Once you have added all your important places, tap Done in the top right-hand corner to save it. 

Limiting your Alerts on Smart Alerts

Receiving a Smart Alert every time one of your contacts leaves a location? Too many notifications can get irritating and overwhelming. You can manage which notifications you want to receive

Here is how to do this:

  • Tap on the Location icon and slide up the contacts draw to see your contacts
  • Tap on the contact to manage notifications
  • Tap on the Settings icon (top right-hand corner) 

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  • Scroll down to indicate when you want to receive notifications e.g. When Andrea arrives Home. 

Scenario Settings

  • Tap "Save" 

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