Help me find a missing person

What to do if a loved one goes missing

NB: Don't wait 24 hours to report a missing person:

The biggest misconception when reporting someone missing is that you have to wait for 24 hours before reporting them missing. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

As soon as you notice someone missing you can report it at your closest police station. The sooner the better

What should I do if someone I know is missing? 

Should someone you know be missing DO NOT WAIT 24 hours to report them missing. Follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your nearest police station and open a missing person’s case by filing a missing persons report at your nearest police station.
    1. If a police officer tells you to need to wait 24 hours, they are wrong. It is your right to report someone missing. Stand your ground until you are able to report the incident
  2. You will need to complete a SAPS 55 form. This form safeguards the SAPS from hoax reports and indemnifies the SAPS to distribute the photograph and information of the missing person
  3. Write down your case number and other details (investigating officer’s contact details)
  4. Once you have a case number you will be able to alert the relevant NGOs:
  5. Contact as many people as possible to help you with the search
  6. Send out pictures of the missing person on social platforms

      What to do when a person or child is found or returns voluntarily:

      1. Inform the investigating officer immediately.
      2. Go back to the police station and complete a SAPS 92 form to inform the Bureau of Missing Persons that the missing person’s report can be removed from the system.

        Can Namola help me track a missing person?

        Namola takes user privacy very seriously, and for these reasons the Namola App can only be used in two instances to view a phone's location. If a missing person has not taken the steps below, the the Namola App is unable to be used to track their location.

        1. Namola's Control Room will not be able to see their location if they have not requested assistance through the Namola app or through a Namola Panic Tracker, and the incident is live.

        2. If that person has shared their live location with you through the Namola App, you will be able to see their live location, provided there is a network connection. If they have not shared their live location with you, we encourage you to follow the steps to report them missing, as above.