How to use the Namola App if you are speech or hearing impaired?

All you need to know about Namola's in-app chat feature, how to indicate that you are speech or hearing impaired and use the Namola App in your time of need.

The Namola App has an in-app chat feature that allows our users to chat via text to our operators after help has been requested. It can be used by those who are speech or hearing impaired or when answering our call may put you in more imminent danger.


How do I indicate that I am speech or hearing impaired?

Users can indicate if they are hearing or speech impaired by doing the following: 

  • Open the Namola App
  • Tap on the Profile tab
  • Select Emergency Information
  • Select “About Me”
  • Scroll down to Speech or Hearing Impaired and toggle it to the right.

What happens when I request assistance? 

When you request assistance and have indicated that you are hearing or speech impaired, you will receive a message from our team in the in-app chat feature. In order to get you the best possible help, our operators will need to ask you a few questions. It is important that we confirm the nature of your emergency and your location. 

The information you provided us with will be used to get you help, fast! Our operators will remain in contact with you to provide feedback and confirm that help has arrived.