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All about Namola Watch

Everything that you need to know about Namola Watch, from how the app works to how responders respond to incidents.

What is Namola Watch?

In order to respond to a Namola user's request for assistance as efficiently as possible, Namola has built the Namola Watch app for any registered Neighbourhood Watch (NHW), Community Policing Forum (CPF) or any Public or Private service providers with response capabilities to help assist Namola users and ultimately communities in combating crime. 


Namola Watch is available free on all smartphones. You can download it on your app store or via this link (namola.co/getwatch)


The Namola Watch app awesome because: 

  • It gives responders real-time incident information before arriving on scene
  • It gives responders real-time location of the incident and navigating capabilities
  • It gives responders a communication channel between the person with the emergency, the control centre and other responders 
  • It is a completely free app for responders and their existing members
  • It allows responders to create an in-app response team 


How does the Namola Watch app work?

Namola users request assistance through their Namola app, which notifies Namola's 24/7 response centre. Once the call is categorised by the Namola Response Centre operator a notification will be sent to relevant Namola Watch responders via their Namola Watch app. Namola Watch responders will be notified by a horn sound via their app. Namola Watch responders will receive incidents via their Namola Watch app when: 

  • A response centre operator has verified an incident to be real and in-progress.
  • The incident matches the predefined response capabilities of a responder team
  • The incident falls in the predefined geographical boundaries of a responder team

Responding to an incident: 

After receiving an alert, you will need to “subscribe” to the incident. If you wish to go to the scene then simply click on “Respond & Navigate”. 


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