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What must I submit as a SAPS / Traffic / Law Enforcement official?

Documents and Information required

All Public Service responders are required to have the correct accreditation in order to receive alerts through Namola Watch and respond to their community.


Where applicable, please submit the following docs and information for approval:

  • Copy of your RSA ID document
  • Copy of your SAPS appointment card (if applicable)
  • Copy of your Traffic Official appointment card (if applicable)
  • Copy of your Law Enforcement appointment cards (if applicable)
  • Joining an existing Namola Watch team
            1. Please advise who referred you and which team you wish to join?
  • Creating a new Namola Watch team
            1. Area of jurisdiction 
            2. Create and share your registered service boundaries (see video), alternatively send us a complete list of your service areas. 

For your convenience feel free to WhatsApp us your docs and information. Alternatively, send us an email.