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Want to report an incident but you are not on-scene?

Steps and information required when creating an incident remotely

The Namola Watch for Responders app allows you to create an incident even though you are not actually on-scene. This is especially helpful if you are not able to call around for the required emergency services that are needed on-scene.


How to create an incident remotely

How to create an Incident with Namola Watch 2



  1. Click the "Describe incident" button at the bottom of your Incident screen
  2. Fill out your incident description
  3. Select your incident type
  4. Search and select the location of the incident
  5. Click the "Send" button
  6. Answer your phone when our Namola operator calls


Required information

When using this feature it is important that you give us:
  1. A detailed description of a real and in-progress incident
  2. Name and Contact number for the on-scene contact


Still not sure? Email our Watch support team or send us a WhatsApp to 076 620 5025