Troubleshooting the Namola Watch app

Something wrong with your Namola Watch app? Troubleshoot your app to ensure you are receiving push notifications and incidents correctly. 

Activating push notifications for incidents:

  • Go to your phone's settings
  • Tap on notification settings 
  • Choose Namola Watch 
  • Enable push notifications. 

The settings options you are presented with may vary. If you are unsure about how to enable push notifications, reach out to the Namola Watch team. 

There may be a couple of reasons that you are not receiving incidents:

  • You have been inactive on the app for quite some time
  • Your app version is out of date 
  • You have poor network signal.
  • The incident may have been reported outside your team’s response area

Still not working? Email our support desk or send us a WhatsApp to 076 6205025