Setting up your Namola Panic Tracker

All you need to know about getting started with your Namola Panic Tracker. Know how to switch it on and off, to set up and making use of the Panic Tracker.

Linking your Namola Panic Tracker: 

After purchasing a Namola Panic Tracker, you will need to link the device to your Namola App. This allows the Namola operators to know who and where you are when you request assistance. You link your device with the following steps: 

  • Open your Namola app
  • Tap on the “Devices” Tab
  • Tap on “Add” in the top right-hand corner
  • Scan the QR code on the back of your Panic Tracker. (There is also a QR code in the manual and on the box that the Tracker came in)
  • Name your Panic Tracker

Namola Tip: To make sure you know how to use the Panic Tracker please test it. Your first test is best done outdoors to get a new GPS connection after being shipped. 

Buying the tracker for someone else? Read how they can link it or you can link it on their behalf here

Sending an alert with your Panic Tracker: 

  • Hold down the “SOS” button: You hear it beep (or feel it vibrate if it is on mute).
  • Wait for a Namola operator to call you back: This will happen in under a minute. You will know Namola is calling when you hear your Panic Tracker ring (or vibrate if on mute mode). 
  • Say hello to the Namola Operator: Your Tracker will auto answer, so let it ring twice and then say hello to your operator on the other line.

Namola Tip: Stay safe by charging your device daily and remember to keep it on you. 

Switching your Namola Panic Tracker on and off:

To switch on your device, hold down the phone icon button on the left of your Panic Tracker. Whenever you have to switch your device on again we suggest you do this (and your first test) outside.



We do not recommend switching off the Panic Tracker unless you are travelling on an aircraft. Besides the fact that you just never know when an emergency will strike, constantly switching off your device can cause an error in reading your location. The more your panic device is able to “talk” to the satellites, the more accurate your location will be. Rather than switching it off just rather keep it regularly charged.


In the event that you do have to switch off your Panic Tracker, you need to hold down the button with the phone icon on the left of your device and the SOS button simultaneously. You will hear it beep (or vibrate if on mute), and then the lights on the left-hand side will go off. 

Muting your Namola Panic Tracker: 

If you do decide to mute your device, your device will vibrate instead of ring. The device will auto-answer, but the Namola Operator will first to establish situational awareness, before speaking. If the operator establishes that it is a real emergency they will send Armed Response to your location. 


Reasons to mute:

  • The perpetrator will not hear you send the alert in an emergency.
  • The perpetrator will not know that Armed Response is on their way.

Reasons not to mute: 

  • The ringing of your device may alarm the perpetrator and they may run away.
  • You can hear your device if you accidentally push it


Can’t decide? Have it both ways


"Manually" mute the device by holding your thumb over the speaker. (Test it! It really works.)


If you decide to put your Panic Tracker on mute, you will need to follow these steps: 

  • Tap on the "Devices" tab
  • Tap on your device
  • Scroll down to “Mute Device” 
  • Make sure that the toggle is to the right and showing blue (not white).
  • Tap “Done” in the top right-hand corner to save the settings
  • Please give your device a couple of minutes and then test your panic button to confirm the mute feature is working. 


Adding emergency contacts onto your Panic Tracker: 

You will need to add your loved ones as emergency contacts on your Panic Tracker (as well as share you location with them in-app) to ensure that they are notified when you push your Panic Tracker. You can do this by following these steps: 

  • Tap on the "Devices" tab
  • Tap on your Panic Tracker
  • Scroll down to emergency contacts
  • Tap “Add Contact”. 
  • Tap "Save" or "Done" in the top right-hand corner

Your trusted loved ones can also track your device. You will need to enable the “Contacts Can Track” toggle just below where you have added your Emergency Contacts. You can also track your own Panic Tracker in the location tab in the Namola app. If you’ve misplaced the device and need to ring it, tap on your device in the location tab, tap the setting icon in the top right-hand corner and tap the call button.


Other settings for the Panic Tracker:

You  can maintain your settings for your Panic Tracker by tapping on your device in the "Devices" tab: 


  • “Who will use this device” tell us who will be using the Panic Tracker. Will it be yourself, or do you intend on giving it to a loved one?
  • Who to contact first serves as a guide to the Namola Response Centre whether we should try calling the device first or your phone. Generally, it’s best to leave it as “This Device”.


Adding special instructions:

You can add additional special instructions by tapping on your device in the "Devices" tab:

  • Live in a secure complex? Tell us the name and contact number of your complex security so that we can contact them in the case of an emergency at your house. 
  • Have special instructions to get into your house?
    • Giving your device to your child or an elderly parent? Give us any special instructions regarding their safety (such as medical conditions)


    Unlinking your Namola Panic Tracker:

    You can remove the Namola Panic Tracker from the Namola App by following these easy steps: 

    • Open the Namola App
    • Tap on the Devices tab
    • Select the linked device that you wish to unlink 
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Remove Device. 

    The device may now be linked to another user’s Namola App.


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