The Namola Panic Tracker: Carrying my Panic Tracker

How best to carry your Panic Tracker

Carrying your Panic Tracker on you could literally save your life. In an emergency there is no time to scramble in your bag or pull it out your pocket, you want to make sure that it is somewhere that is easily accessible. 


Why should I not carry my Panic Tracker in my handbag or backpack?

This will make it hard to reach in an emergency and it may go off on its own. Rather attach it to the outside of the handbag or backpack with a keyring, so it’s easily reachable.


What about putting the Panic Tracker in my pocket? 

It may be hard to reach in an emergency and may go off on its own.


Do you sell accessories that would help me carry my Panic Tracker and access it easily in an emergency? 

Your Panic Tracker will come with a lanyard and a key ring.You can purchase additional accessories on our inapp shop or our online shop, such as belt clips and armbands to ensure easy access to your Panic Tracker in an emergency.