Not receiving incidents on your Huawei device?

Troubleshooting the Namola Watch for Responders app

Our Namola Watch team have come across a few cases where Huawei users were not receiving any incident notifications. Below are some software versions where we've encountered this issue.

Desired behaviour 

The app must make a sound, vibrate and preferably send a push notification. If you are not receiving incidents in this manner, please consider changing the suggested settings in this article.

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Please navigate as follow

Settings > Apps > Find and select Namola Watch > Notifications management >

Note that there are various App Notification categories. I have listed the 3 popular ones below:

  1. Namola Watch Alerts
  2. Namola Watch Service Alerts
  3. Namola Watch Background Service Alerts

NB! - Within each of these App notification categories, look to change the following settings depending on your device’s software version.

Software versions 5 - 6

Allow notifications

  • Allow notifications will normally be enabled, but just make sure that it is not deactivated

Priority display (Allow this app’s notifications to ring with priority and give them priority interruption status)

  • Make sure this setting is enabled

Lock screen (Display on the lock screen)

  • Enable this if you want the incident to display while your screen is locked

Battery/Battery Optimization

  • Within Battery, you might want to ensure that “System wakeup” and “Keep running after screen off” is enabled


  • When an incident is reported you are supposed to be alerted by a horn sound. Namola Watch, unfortunately, does not allow you to customize your sound so it is important that you ensure “None” is selected instead of any other PRESET SOUNDS.

Software version 10

Screenshot 2020-04-26 at 08.22.17


Allow notifications

  • This setting will normally be enabled already, but just make sure that it is not deactivated.

Gentle notifications (Silence notifications and only show them in the notification panel)

  • Do not enable/activate this 


  • This is optional, but I would personally want this to be displayed

Lock screen notifications

  • Enable this and make sure to select Show


  • Please make sure that "None" is selected


  • I would recommend that you enable this toggle button

Allow interruptions (Receive notifications from this app even when Do Not Disturb is enabled)

  • Enable this setting to further ensure you do not miss any notifications while you are "On Duty" within your Namola Watch app


Still not working? Email our Namola Watch team or send us a WhatsApp to 0766205025