Namola Watch: Do’s and Don’ts

We ask as Namola Watch Responders that you please observe the following etiquette: 

  • Please do not send private services who will charge the user, unless the user or the operator has specifically stated that they are willing to pay for the services (e.g. please do not send ER24 to a scene where the user has no medical aid)
  • Don't share user's’ personal information. Please note that we take our users’ privacy very seriously. It is for this reason that the sharing of incident screenshots are strictly prohibited. 
  • Admins are responsible for the conduct of anyone they add
  • Know the risks of responding and be careful. Each Namola Watch member is responding at his/her own risk and can not hold Namola liable for any loss or damages to property.

For any further information you can visit the Namola Watch T’s and C’s or contact us via email or send us a WhatsApp to 076 6205025