Namola Watch: Informing my community about Namola

The best way to increase the number of incidents you receive is to inform your community about the Namola app. These are the easiest ways to do just that:

For responders to receive alerts, community members need to know about the Namola app and how it works. The more people who are aware of the Namola app and its benefits the more likely they are to use it in an emergency, and in turn an incident for you to respond to.


The easiest way to inform a community is to broadcast a message to your members on WhatsApp, with these easy steps: 

  • Go to the gear icon in the top-right of this screen of your status tab
  • Select “Tell Your Community”. 
  • You will be given the option of apps that you can use to send the Namola App download link. We recommend you send this link and a message encouraging them to download the app in your community’s WhatsApp groups. This will create awareness and ultimately ensure your team get alerts reported by your community members.

You can also tell your community members to use this link to download the Namola app at


Namola Watch Toolkit:

WhatsApp group:

We have started a WhatsApp group to send you bite-size pieces of content to send to your community about Namola. If you would like to join this group, please click here on your smartphone.


We have various documents that will assist you in communicating with your community members. You can access those documents here.


Need some more help?  Email our support desk or send us a WhatsApp to 076 6205025