Namola Lockdown Offer - Terms of Service Agreement

Namola EMS Group (Reg: 2016/317798/07)

The Lockdown Offer is made available to our users as a show of solidarity by Namola EMS Group during these uncertain times, and is not intended as a means to generate additional income during this period. Rather, the reduced cost is made available to allow more users to access Plus services, whilst still allowing us to fulfill, as a minimum, our financial obligations to our staff and the Responders we work with. Accordingly, the discount made available in terms of the Lockdown Offer is applicable only for a designated period of time, namely during such a time as South Africa remains in a State of Emergency and/or State of Disaster.


This Lockdown Offer Terms of Service Agreement (“Lockdown Agreement”) is entered into between Namola EMS Group and you (“the User”), and serves as a Separate Agreement to read and agreed to, in conjunction with and in addition to the standard Namola EMS Group Terms of Service Agreement (“the Original Agreement”) accessible at and the Namola Plus Terms of Service Agreement (“Plus Agreement”) (collectively, “the Original Agreements”). Namola EMS Group reserves the right to terminate this Lockdown Offer at any time and will provide reasonable notice of such termination as the circumstances require.


You are advised to regularly check the Namola Website for any amendments or updates.

This Agreement was last revised on 26 March 2020. Enquiries:


  1. The Lockdown Offer affords users access to Namola Plus services for a reduced fee (R39 per month) for a designated period of time, namely during such time as South Africa remains in a State of Emergency and/or State of Disaster which has been put in place by the President in response to the COVID-19 global epidemic.
    1. The Lockdown Offer will be available for purchase, via the in-app store, to users who wish to upgrade their standard free service to a Plus subscription in terms of this Lockdown Offer.
    2. Existing Plus subscribers will also benefit from the reduced pricing during this period.
  2. The Lockdown Offer pricing is inclusive of VAT.
  3. Additional discounts such as family discounts or promotional offers do not apply to the Lockdown Offer pricing. However, new subscribers will still get their 1st month’s Plus services for free (as normal).
  4. Namola will provide reasonable notice to Plus subscribers that pricing will revert to normal Namola Plus pricing (R49 per month) after official communications from the Presidency that South Africa is no longer in a State of Emergency or a State of Disaster.
  5. Pricing will revert to usual Namola Plus pricing on the first billing date following the communications from ourselves to the users (in terms of point 4 above).