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Linking your membership

How to link your security organisation in the Namola app

If your security organisation has teamed up with the Namola safety app to allow their members to directly request assistance from them through the Namola safety app while you’re within their coverage area you can link your security membership as follows:

  1. Download Namola and sign up (if you haven’t yet) 
  2. Open Namola and tap MoreProfile > Link Membership 
  3. Choose your security organisation
  4. Fill in the required information to link your membership and tap submit. 
  5. Your application will be assessed by the security organisation.

Once approved you will get an email from your security organisation to confirm that your membership has been linked. You can confirm this by going into your Namola app, and checking under your Linked Membership tab.

You will also see your security organisations logo on Namola’s SOS screen whenever you’re within their coverage area.


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