Troubleshooting your Namola App for Apple Watch

Having a problem with the Namola App on your Apple Watch. Go through our troubleshooting below:

Namola on Apple Watch tells me to open Namola on my iPhone. What should I do?

You may see the following screen when opening the Namola app on your Apple Watch:



This will happen if you aren’t currently signed in to Namola on your paired iPhone. Simple open the Namola app on your iPhone, tap “Get Started” and complete sign in. Once you’re signed in on your iPhone, open the Namola app on your Apple Watch while your Watch is near your phone. It should automatically log in with the account from your iPhone, and you should see the SOS button after a few seconds.


I just see a “spinner” on my Apple Watch / the SOS doesn’t work?

If you see spinners like this for an extended period (trying to open the Namola app on Watch on the left, or creating an SOS on the right), it probably indicates a connectivity problem:


And if after a while you see a screen like this when e.g. trying to create an SOS, it almost certainly indicates a connectivity problem:


Things to check: 

  • Does your Watch have connectivity to your iPhone?
  • Check that both the Watch and its paired iPhone are not in Flight Mode.
  • Check that the paired iPhone has a working data connection. This includes making sure it has airtime / data, can access the Internet with other apps like Safari or Facebook, etc.
  • Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone.
  • Ensure that both your Watch and your iPhone have been unlocked at least once since their last reboot.
  • Ensure that GPS is enabled on your iPhone, and that your iPhone’s location permission for Namola is set to “Always”.


I tried pressing the SOS button, but instead of creating an SOS, I get a pop-up menu with SOS and Log Out. What’s that all about?

If you press down on the SOS screen too hard, you may see the following pop-up:

This is the “force touch context menu” that apps on Apple Watch can implement. On the Apple Watch, pressing down hard is similar to a “right-click” on a traditional computer.

In order to avoid getting the pop-up, touch the SOS button with less force or pressure.


How can I set Namola as my “Emergency SOS” on Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, right now there is no way for Namola to override the default behaviour of Apple’s Emergency SOS feature on either iPhone or Apple Watch. We hope that in future, there will be a way to override the default behaviour.


Just a side note to explain the “Emergency SOS” feature of the Apple Watch:

You can set your emergency contacts for the “Emergency SOS” feature of your Apple Watch by opening the Watch app on your iPhone and going to “Emergency SOS”. Your Watch will automatically generate SMS messages with your location that go out to those emergency contacts when you hold in the long side-button on the Watch. Additionally, you can set up your Apple Watch to automatically call the local emergency services number (112 in South Africa).

A similar feature is available on iPhone. Open the Settings app and go to Emergency SOS. That screen will explain how it works for your specific device, too.


Note that none of the functionality described above is provided or supported by Namola. It’s standard functionality provided by Apple for your Apple Watch and iPhone. We strongly recommend you use Namola instead of Emergency SOS if at all possible.


I changed to a different Namola account on my iPhone. How can I change my account on the Apple Watch?

The initial “log-in” that happens automatically on the Watch — it gets your account details (securely) from the Namola app on your paired iPhone. If you want to change your Apple Watch to use a different Namola account later, you’ll need to log out on your Apple Watch. You can do that as follows:

Step 1: Open the Namola app on your Apple Watch. This should bring up the SOS screen.


Step 2: Press down hard on the SOS screen to bring up the following menu:


Step 3: Select “Log Out”. This will then ask you to confirm that you really want to log out. Select “Log Out” on the confirmation.

After you’ve logged out, the app will tell you:


To log in on the Watch with the account on your Namola app on the iPhone, simply tap "Log In". (This should also happen automatically next time you open the Namola app on your Watch, if it’s near your iPhone.)  Log in on the Apple Watch is always automatic, and always uses the account on your iPhone. No need to do anything, other than making sure your Watch is near your iPhone.


Please note that this is only necessary if you want to use a completely different Namola account on your iPhone or Apple Watch. If you merely want to update your mobile number (for example) or other profile details, you can do that by editing your profile on the Namola app on your iPhone. No need to log out.