Namola App for Apple Watch

Namola has launched a version of the Namola app for an Apple Watch. This app allows users to create an SOS from their Apple Watch, choose the type of incident, and cancel the incident if necessary.


Note: The Apple Watch itself only works when paired with an iPhone, and hence in order to use the Namola app for Apple Watch, you would require both an iPhone and an Apple Watch. (In other words, you can’t pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone, for example.) 

To make use of the Namola App on your Apple Watch, you will need:

  • An iPhone 5s or better, running iOS 12 or higher.
  • An Apple Watch Series 1 or better, running watchOS 5 or higher.
    • Note that currently every Apple Watch is supported, except the original first generation. In other words, the first-generation Apple Watch (“Series 0”) is not supported.
  • The Namola app for iPhone (download here from the App Store), version 7.1 or higher
  • For best results, we also recommend a Series 3 Apple Watch or better.

Getting started

Before you get started:

  1. Ensure that you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch paired with it, meeting the minimum requirements.
  2. Ensure that you’ve installed the Namola app (version 7.1 or higher) on your iPhone and are signed into the Namola app.

Installing the Namola app on your Apple Watch

Depending on the settings of your Apple Watch, you may need to install the Namola app on your Apple Watch. You can do this as follows:


Step 1: Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone. (Not the Namola Watch app! We’re talking about Apple’s “Watch” app that comes with your iPhone.) It’s this app:

Step 2: On the “My Watch” tab, scroll down to Available Apps and find Namola. Tap the "install" button. It’ll look like this:

Step 3: Confirm that the app is installed. It might take a little while to install the app, and requires your Watch to be near your iPhone. If the app was successfully installed, it’ll show up under “Installed on Apple Watch”, and look like this:

Launching the Namola app on Apple Watch

You can launch the Namola app on your Apple Watch like any other app, by pressing the digital crown (the “wheel button” on the right-hand side of the Watch), and scrolling until you find the Namola app.

Depending on whether your Watch is using grid view or list view, your list of apps will look like this:

List view Grid view

As usual for the Apple Watch, just tap the app or app icon to launch it.


Note that while this is the “standard” way of launching apps on Apple Watch, we would strongly recommend that you rather use a complication to keep Namola easily accessible on your Watch face of choice. The standard way of scrolling through the list of apps is fiddly, can take time, and is not great in an actual emergency.

Installing the Namola complication

The little “widgets” you can install on many of the Watch faces are called “complications”. The Namola app has one which serves as a “quick launch” for the Namola app directly from the Watch face.

Step 1: Make sure your Watch is using a Watch face that supports complications, such as the Modular Watch face.

Step 2: Press down hard on the Watch face to bring up the “Customise” option. Tap Customise.

Step 3: Swipe to the left to get the complication edit screen. Tap on the complication you want to update. In the example, we want to put the Namola app in the bottom-middle complication spot:

Step 4: Turn the digital crown to scroll between the available complications. They should be in alphabetical order. Keep scrolling until you get the Namola complication:

Step 5: Press the digital crown to exit back to the Watch face. Your Namola complication should now be in the spot you’ve chosen for it:

Using the Namola App on your Watch

Step 1: Launch the Namola app. If you’ve installed the Namola complication, as recommended, you can launch the app by tapping on the Namola “N” on your Watch face:

Step 2: Touch and hold the SOS button. (Don’t press too hard — just a normal touch.)

Step 3: Select the incident type. You can scroll by turning the digital crown.

That’s it. Open Namola, touch and hold SOS, select type.

Once you have successfully reported an incident on your Apple Watch. The Namola Response Centre will phone back instantly. Your location, type of emergency and personal emergency profile will be used to get you the right help, fast.


While you have an open incident, the Namola app on Apple Watch will show your current location and a Cancel button.

LTE vs Non-LTE Apple Watch 

  • An LTE version with a built-in “eSIM”, which has its own calling and data connection. This model will allow the Namola app to work completely standalone, even if it’s not near your phone. It will use its mobile data connection to create the SOS, and will be able to receive calls on its own.
  • A non-LTE version which uses WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to your phone. This model only works with Namola when it’s near your phone. It relies on your phone’s mobile data connection to create the SOS, and while you can answer calls on the Watch, the calls also only work when it’s near your phone.
LTE Apple Watch  Non-LTE Apple Watch
  • Can be added to your mobile contract
  • Contract-only
  • Vodacom-only
  • Completely standalone
  • Can receive calls without your phone
  • Can use Namola SOS without your phone
  • Requires to be near your phone to work
  • Answer calls on the Watch near your phone
  • Use Namola near your phone

Note that regardless of your type of Watch, the first time you open the Namola app on the Watch, it has to be near your iPhone, so that the Watch can get your user details from the phone. Thereafter, the LTE Watch can work standalone.


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