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Namola Operations during the adjusted lockdown

Since Monday 28th December 2020, the country was placed on an adjusted level 3 lockdown. Read more below on what that means for Namola products and services.

Since midnight on Thursday 26 March, South Africa has been in 1 of 5 (5 being the most severe) possible levels of lockdown related to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. will be in a general lockdown. Different levels of alert can be declared in specific provinces and districts based on epidemiological trends and the risk of infection. Please see the official website of the Presidency to stay abreast of all updates applicable to your area and/or the country.


Currently, all of South Africa is in an adjusted LEVEL 3 of lockdown. This will be reassessed by the Presidency after February 15th 2021.

In an emotional speech to South Africans on Monday 28th December 2020, the President announced that we are returning to an adjusted level 3 lockdown, to combat spiraling COVID-19 infection rates. Namola, as before, is still available and ready to get our users emergency assistance in all levels of lockdown, subject to certain restrictions imposed by State or Provincial governments.

Here’s what we can tell you from an emergency services point of view: 


Namola’s Response Centre is open

  • Namola’s Response Centre operators will remain available to serve our users in getting emergency response and information. We have made arrangements for safe, disinfected private transport and working environments, for their and their families’ protection.
  • Customer support will continue to operate normally during office hours as non-essential personnel have been equipped to work-from-home.


All Namola users: 

  • Continue to have free access to public emergency services such as police, fire & rescue and government ambulances through the Namola app during this time.
  • Continue to have free access to community emergency services such as CPF patrollers, NHW patrollers and volunteer organisations - SUBJECT to each organisation's operations in your area, and any government regulations  
  • NB: We understand that incidents of domestic violence have increased over the lockdown. Namola is taking measures to work with the government and SAPS during this period to provide assistance to victims of domestic abuse. Should you be or know someone who is a victim of domestic abuse please make use of the Namola app or dial *134*7355# from any phone. 


Namola Plus users: 

  • Continue to have access to Private Armed Response and Private Emergency Medical Services during the lockdown.
  • If you want additional protection and peace-of-mind during the lockdown and aren’t a Namola Plus member yet, feel free to upgrade inside the Namola app. First month free.


Namola Panic Trackers during lockdown

  • If you have a Panic Tracker, it will continue to function normally during the lockdown, and continue to provide you with access to Private Armed Response and Private Emergency Medical Services.
  • Should you want to purchase a Namola Panic Tracker, you can do so directly through the Namola App. Please note that our ability to deliver Namola Panic Trackers to you is subject to any regional restrictions which may apply to your area of residence.

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