Converting your Namola Plus subscription

If you are an existing Namola Plus user and would like to convert to in-app purchases, this article is for you

How do I move my PayFast Subscription to in-app purchases?


PLEASE NOTE: If you are paying for more than 5 subscriptions currently, you will need to take your subscription down to 5 users before you will be able to convert your subscription. The highest number of users a Family Plan can take is 5 users. 


Namola has made it really easy to convert your existing Namola Plus subscription to in-app purchases. All you need to do is: 

  • Tap on the profile tab > Manage Plan
  • You will see these screens: 

  • Tap on the plan that best suits your needs. 
  • This will automatically cancel your existing PayFast subscription/s and move you to in-app purchases.

Remember that if you are purchasing a Couple or Family Plan that you will need to assign the subscriptions to your loved ones. Learn how

What are the benefits of converting to in-app purchases?

  • Extra free month. Convert now and you will get an extra month on the house
  • Simple. Because your iStore holds your payment details securely, it’s one fewer place to update your deets when your card details change.
  • More choice. Easily choose between Individual, Couples and Family Plans, protecting yourself and your loved ones for cheaper  


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