Emergency Assistance for Bolt riders

Everything you need to know to use the Emergency SOS button inside the Safety Toolkit on the Bolt rider app

The Emergency SOS button allows Bolt riders to send a real-time emergency alert to Namola's national emergency response centre in the rare event of an emergency or incident whilst on a Bolt trip. Once activated, the Bolt vehicle’s make and model, license plate, live location and trip information will be shared with a dedicated Namola Response Centre operator who will co-ordinate emergency assistance on your behalf.

How it works 

The Emergency SOS button is located in your rider "Safety Tool Kit". To access the Safety Tool Kit:

  • Tap on the green shield icon at the bottom right of your Bolt rider app.

    Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 14.41.39
  • Tap "Emergency help"
    Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 14.42.21
  • A screen will pop up with a red Emergency SOS button. To send an emergency alert to the Namola control room tap Emergency SOS.

    Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 14.42.49
  • When prompted with "Request Emergency", tap "Continue".
Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 13.46.06
  • This will send an alert to the Namola control room.

    Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 13.48.23

Please note: A Response Centre operator will call you to confirm your emergency. Answer your phone after pressing the Emergency SOS button

  • If you are unable to talk, still answer the phone so that the operator can hear what is happening in the background
  • If you are able to talk, please share details of your emergency with the operator. The operator will have the details of the vehicle that you are in, as well as the details of your trip. They will share this with the Armed Responder, whom they will dispatch to your location in the event of an emergency.

    Tip: Unless you have given Bolt access to your location "always" - keep your app open to ensure your location updates

    What happens if I can't answer my phone after I have activated the Emergency SOS? 

    Riders should do their best to answer their phones after activating the Emergency SOS button. We advise riders to use the Emergency SOS button proactively - if you feel at all unsafe, please request emergency help. If you are unable to answer your phone, the Namola Operator will check to see if you are still on course for your Bolt ride. If you go off course then they will send an Armed Responder to your location. 

    When should I press the Emergency SOS button? 

    As a Bolt rider, you should press the Emergency SOS button if you feel that you are in a threatening situation whilst on a Bolt trip or in the event of an emergency while on a Bolt trip, such as a motor vehicle accident.

    Who will come and assist me in my emergency? 

    An Armed Responder will assist you in the event that your life or property is threatened whilst on a Bolt trip. Namola can also send Public Responders to you in the event of other emergencies you may experience whilst on a Bolt ride, such as the metro police or public ambulance in the case of a motor vehicle accident. 

    How long will it take for Armed Response to get to me in an emergency?

    It is difficult to give an exact time as it is dependant on many factors, but rest assure that the nearest Armed Responder to your live location will be alerted and get to you FAST. 

    Will the SOS Emergency alert be activated if my driver goes off course? 

    Currently, the only way that the Namola emergency response centre will receive an emergency alert from you is if you push the Emergency SOS button inside the Bolt rider app. We advise you to stay alert during the course of your Bolt trip. If you feel that you are going "off course" trigger your Emergency SOS button. 

    Will the driver be alerted that I have sent an emergency alert when I push the SOS Emergency button? 

    No. Only the Namola Emergency Response Centre will be notified and the Armed Responder who will come to your location to assist you. 

    I can't see the green shield icon on my rider app.

    Your Safety Tool Kit (the green shield icon) will only appear when you are on a ride. If you are on a ride and cannot see the green shield icon, please contact Bolt via the in-app support tab.

    Please note that access to Armed Response in an emergency is only available whilst you are on a Bolt trip if you would like to access Armed Response anywhere anytime, please download the Namola App and upgrade to Namola Plus

    What if I feel unsafe while waiting for the driver can I still request assistance?

    You will only be able to access the Emergency SOS button when you are on a Bolt trip. Rather wait inside until your Bolt driver has arrived. However, if this is not an option, make sure that you have the Namola emergency app to get assistance.

    When I share my ride details, will my loved ones be able to request assistance on my behalf?

    Sharing your trip location with your loved ones is a good idea and can be done easily through the Safety Tool Kit. However, your loved ones will not be able to automatically request assistance through the Bolt app if they see you are off course. Make sure that you are paying attention to your surroundings and request help through the Emergency SOS button if you feel like you are in a threatening situation.