Namola Plus in-app purchase FAQ's

Everything you need to know about Namola Plus billing


It’s now simpler than ever to upgrade to Namola Plus, to access private security anywhere at the touch of a button. We now also offer Couples and Family Plans, to protect all your loved ones.

Simply open Namola and tap on N+ to upgrade or find out more.

Existing Namola Plus members can now see our coverage maps in the app by navigating to N+

How much does it cost to upgrade to Namola Plus:

Now that Namola has switched over to in app purchases we have the following pricing for Namola Plus: 

Name of plan  Number of members  Cost per month  Cost per annum
Individual 1  R 59  R 649
Couples 2  R 99  R 999
Family   Up to 5 members  R 129  R 1299 

Note: You can only buy one plan with in-app purchases, so the maximum amount of people that you will be able to buy for is 5

Which account will my direct debit come off of every month.

The card that you use for your app store purchases. 

Which date will my direct debit come off of every month?

As your app store bills you for your app, all billing related enquiries will have to be done through your Apple iStore or Google Play Store.

  • You can read more about your billing on the iStore here
  • You can read more about your billing on the Google Play Store here 
  • You can read more about your billing on Huawei here

Can I make an EFT payment?

We only do payments through the App Store. No EFT's will be accepted.

I need an invoice

Your App Store will send you a receipt every month to confirm the Namola Plus transaction. We unfortunately do not do invoicing due to our payments going through the App Stores. 
I need to cancel my subscription
You can read everything you need to know about cancelling in-app purchases here

I want to cancel my existing Namola subscription and upgrade using in app purchases. Do I need to cancel my existing subscription?  

You are welcome to switch over to in-app purchases at any stage.  When you migrate over to a new plan using in-app purchases, your existing subscription will be cancelled automatically during the conversion (isn't that super smart?). 


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